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    • I have read the entire heat series it was completely awesome I’d never read anything like it I’m not able to do a whole lot as I have problems with my back so when I started reading this series it was like the world was opened up to me and I couldn’t put it down I get so excited each time I got a new book grateful that it was able to get 6
      series I cannot wait until number 7 comes out

        • When is the follow up of Karma coming. Best of bestt as unique. Read them all. Liked Karma best and second the investigative series. Not a paranormal fan but Karma grabs you and one of the most interesting books I have read and I read 2 a day. Looking forward to follow up.

      • I was very blessed to read all of the heat series and now this book has come out and it is totally awesome I have thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in a picnic Wow you hit a homerun and the fact that you actually worked the characters from the heat series into this book is amazing and I love it this is the best series I’ve ever read thank you

  1. I just finished Edge of Heat 5. I am glad the sixth one will be out soon. I have enjoyed them all. Can’t wait to meet the brother.

  2. I loved this series!! Also love the opportunity to be an advanced reader, I’m always happy to help see typos and give reviews!!
    Well done Lisa, keep them coming!

  3. I really love reading the Heat series. I read each book in a day. Once I started reading I couldn’t put them down until I had finished reading them. Keep up the excellent writing. I can’t wait until the next one.

  4. I just signed up to join your AR group. Looking forward to participating.. I hope I am able to deliver. 🙂 I do have your Edge of Heat books and have read the first 2.. Loved them. Will get to the other 3 asap. 🙂

    Thanks again.

  5. I just finished book one I have to admit started slow was not sure where it was going but by chapter 3 I was hooked and have down loaded all the remaining books in the series so far. I am looking forward to reading the other 4 books. Thanks

  6. I have read all 5 Edge of Heat books and loved every minute of every book! I can’t wait for book 6 to come out! I couldn’t put any of them down until I reached the very end which left me wanting more. 🙂 Hope you continue to write and let your readers continue to be swept away!

  7. Thanks for hooking me in! I am hesitant to finish Edge of the Heat 5 because then I have to stop till 6 comes out! I have been reading almost non stop since I started 1 last week.

  8. Downloaded 1st book as free now finished no 5. A book a day! Couldn’t put them down, can’t wait for book 6 and to stop withdrawal symptoms best start the neglected housework……..

  9. Dear Lisa,
    I ordered the first free book of the series Edge of Heat, it was so good I finished it in one day. Then I went and ordered the other four books, and couldn’t put any of them down either. So needless to say I read them one right after the other. You are an excellent Author, please keep the books coming. Can’t wait for Heat 6.
    Mildred Schrlau

  10. Lisa sorry but I am unable to read the advance edition of edge of heat 6 because I have an I pad and not a kindle. But I will read it as soon as you make it avaliable on I pad I promise. I can’t wait to meet the brother. I Love your books.
    Thanks. Linda Sedillo

  11. I just finished edge of heat 6 and Wow…..It was Great…….. I read it in a couple of hours and it was as good as all the edge of heat books. Thank you and keep writing looking forward to reading more of your books.

    Thank you, Linda Sedillo

  12. I just got done reading edge of heat 1and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series! I’m so hooked!!! I been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to read and I’m sooo happy that I found your book and getting me back into reading!! The series sounds like a movie in the making

  13. I have read 1-5. I love this series. I think I have read all of them in a row like three times now. I have caught several errors/typos throughout the books, but none that make me want to put the books down! I have though, I tried reading a book and it was full of errors, as if they didn’t proof read! It was horrible! Anyways! I love this series! I am currently read four book series and have read them all to the point I have to wait for release dates! It’s sad really. Stating I love to read is an understatement! But I really enjoy it! I have seriously thought about being a Beta reader. It would be my dream job! Read books for a living!? Yes please 🙂 keep up the awesome work!!

    • Hi Kaitlyn, thank you so much!!! And yeah, I know some authors who pay their beta readers. Pretty awesome, huh? especially to those of us who are natural editors. 🙁 too bad you found typos in mine. We keep sweeping, but it seems like we never catch them all.

    • oooooooh, it’s supposed to be out already. I’m working so hard on it. Title is still secret, sorry! 🙁 Because I actually am the first one to use it so I don’t want it to get stolen before I get my book out. Ok, back to writing!

      • I have finished the whole series. I have event finished The Billionaire KINK’s. I can’t stop. I have found a lot of type errors, but I can’t type either. I love your style.. I can’t see me ever reading any other author. SO PLEASE don’t ever stop. I am addicted, I read for 3 hours at night so I am not getting any sleep. LOL

  14. I just got done reading all 6 books in the heat series. I would like to know when the new series is with jerry’s sister coming out?

  15. I would like to be signed up for new releases. Loved all of 1-5 heat series. When is the next books coming out?

    • Sorry! It’s supposed to be out already. I’m working so hard on it. Did you put your name in the form for new releases?

  16. Wow! I can’t believe i just happened upon the Heat series. I cannot get enough! Love the characters and the intertwined stories. I read the first five in the last four days and just started #6. Please keep them coming!!!

  17. I have read all the books in the Heat series and really love each one. To all who love to read, I recommend to buy the Heat series. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Please buy, you will not be sorry you did. Thanks Lisa for the good read. Looking to read your latest project.

  18. OMGsh, I just read all 6 stories in 3 days…I just couldn’t put the series down! Can you give us a hint when the 7th will be here?! 🙂

  19. I have loved every book that I’ve read of yours. Today I’m crushing to find more of your works. Finished the Heat series and loved it. I did write comments on them. Just waiting to get more books on my IPad. Hopefully I’ll find a couple more this afternoon. Thanks.

  20. Hide my memories was out of this world OMG. I read it twice it was GREAT. I can not wait for the next book to come out. It was so addictive I could not put it down. Thank You, and please keep writing
    Linda Sedillo

  21. I rec’d the series First Desires: 10 boxed set today and your story, Hidden Memories, was the 1st story. All I can say is When is the next one coming? I have read a lot oh books in my years but this one, this one…wow. My heart is still racing and my head still pounding. I want to know what happens next, is that sheriff part of it all? Who is Frank’s brother? I signed up for your newsletter. I had to. I have to know when the next one is done and ready to read…

  22. I just came across your writing and I absolutely fell in love with it. I loved your work in hide my memories. I couldn’t stop reading. Will that book have it’s own series and if so when will the book come out? I’m going to dive into all your books while I wait lol amazing talent you have.

    • Wow Thank you!! The Hide me series will be at least 4 books long. I’m working really hard on Hide My Thoughts right now. It should be out in a few days.

  23. This was one of the best books I’ve readcant wait for the next one. It keep me going threw the hole book. There was not a black spot in the hole thing. I read it in one setting. Its hard to keep ahold of me for that long .usuly a book dies out in the middle or the end and I lose interest. Thankyou again and good luck with the next one

    ill be watching for it

  24. I’ve read all of your books and I enjoyed every one of them. I just finished Hide my Memories tonight. Wow, another fabulous book! I tried to buy the next one already. Any idea when it will be out? I can’t wait. Thanks for writing such fantastic books.

  25. Hide my memories was awesome .. Just finished it again . can’t wait for the next one .. I’ve been on the look out for it since I finished it the first time .. Keep me posted .. Please ..

  26. I was looking for an easy read to get my mind off of stress so I stumbled across a book set on Amazon. Various different books, various different authors… started reading a couple and they were just horrible, quit a few chapters in lol.. But then I started on the first Edge and I was just hooked! The characters are so likable and I just got addicted. You have had me spoiled though, I was so excited there were so many.. Until I got to 6.. and realized that was the last one!! I’m devastated!! I need the gang back (and I just got done with it like five minutes ago)!! Will there be more??

    • You’re awesome 🙂 You know WHAT?! I am working on a novella right now about the Heat gang that will be free and exclusive to my email readers, so make sure you sign up. 🙂 And then I think there will be one more … at least. Maybe two. Thanks so much for such a sweet comment 🙂

  27. I just finish reading edge of heat 1,2’3 and 4
    They are just so good. Looking forward to the rest of the series to see if they find their brother

    • thank you!! and I’m writing an edge of the heat novella right now 🙂 you need to be on my email list or a facebook fan to get it though 🙂

  28. I’ve just finished reading the first two books in the hide me series, I thought the Edge of heat series was amazing, but these books were outstanding! I was gripped and couldn’t put them down, Well done Lisa Ladew & thank-you x

  29. I absolutely loved the edge of the heat series, its like nothing i have read before:) you did an amazing job. Is there going to be a book 7 to the series, if so when?

  30. Just finished Edge of Heat 5, I have gone through all 5 in 3 days…I’m amazed at how seamless this series is.Starting 6 here’s to another page turner!…h

  31. I’ve not long come across you. i have just read all 6 books of Heat . You’ve got a great talent and would love to know if you have wrote another of this serie ? thanks for being you x

  32. Read all the books in the heat series and the unauthorized series in 2 days. LOVE THEM!!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

  33. I’m about to start book 5 and I absolutely love that you have kept this series about the original characters. So many books in a set are about other people and not a continuation.. I’m hooked. Line and sinker!!

  34. I love your books but cannot get many of them because I have a Nook reader. Are there any plans for releasing any additional books on B&N?

  35. I got Edge of the Heat 1 as a free book from Book Bub and read it in a few hours. I couldn’t put it down! I enjoyed it so much, I had to have Heat 2 like right NOW, and when I saw there were SEVEN, I knew I would want to read ALL of them, so I subscribed to Amazon Prime. Awesome series! I can’t stop reading!

  36. You are a Talented writer whom I have grown to appreciate. You keep the reader captivated and intrigued with the Characters in the books. Jerry was one of my favorites. Hawk rules as I am also Former Military and he intrigues me. Don’t ever stop writing what YOU feel is good. Thanks again.

  37. Hi!

    Would love to hear of your new releases via email!! – and hopefully get an exclusive free book too!

    I started with your Edge of the Heat books 1 – 4 then just had to buy the remaining series!

    I just can’t put them down.
    You take me to many places I’m physically not able to reach suffering from fibromyalgia.

    You make it all just a bit more easier and I thank you
    Sandy x

    -Can’t talk too long Book 5 is calling!..

  38. Just finished and reviewed your Hide Me series. Fantastic!!! I sometimes have a hard time sleeping so was really glad to have this. Gave me a good reason to stay awake. Lol! Loved it!!!

  39. I bought and read the complete Edge of Heat series and loved every single one, I so enjoyed it very much. I’ve pre-ordered a lot of your books and continue to do that. I’m now reading the Billionaire Kink series and I’m totally really into it only to end suddenly, I’m hoping that you will continue and finish Knox and Mica’s story, I look forward to more of your books very soon. Keep up the work, Aloha!

  40. Love everything I have read from you! Wanting to know when the next “Billionaire’s secret” will be out? Excited to find out the ending to their story.

  41. I just finished Edge of the Heat 1-7…I love them and now started on Hide My Memories, I have read the first book and starting on the second book. After that I have the Billionaires Secret Kink ready and waiting. Thank you for the awesome writing and characters

  42. I have read all 7 of the Heat series and just finished Hide My Memories series and all I can say is wow. I’ve never enjoyed and been so engrossed in a series like this before. I’m at a loss now because I have to find something new to read. These series are an absolute must read if you love romance, suspence, mystery and gripping love stories. I never got bored, not once. Thank you for following your dream and sharing it with the world. You’ve got a new loyal fan here.

  43. Just finished reading Edge of Heat 1. Ready to order next 6 books. Enjoyed reading and want to know how things end up for Craig & Emma.

  44. Just finished the billionaire series in one day. Stayed up till 4am to finish it!! I couldn’t put it down!! Best sleepless night ever!! Thank you!! Can’t wait to start another one!!

  45. I have reached the end of Edge of Heat 7 today.
    I started reading the first Heat book by chance 3 weeks ago and straight after the first book HAD to have the rest and purchased the box set.
    I cannot thank you enough for writing such an AWESOME story with wonderful characters.
    I am a very serious reader and love to read books that pull my mind into the story line and challenge me.
    THANK YOU AGAIN. Cannot wait to purchase and read more of your box sets.

  46. Have read all her books and can’t wait for more. Hope for more Edge of Heat, Authorize Series (we need to see what happens with Jen & Hunter, Ivy & Ryker, Kara & Zane) Hide Me series (we need to know about Blaise & Jordan and West and Katerina) and more on the Rosesson Brothers.

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