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page last updated 7.27.2020

From an email I just sent ….

Hi all, I am finally getting around to writing this email that has been on my mind for about … at least a year and a half.

I went super super quiet while I was wrestling with one true mate 10 (and while Grace was wrestling with switch of fate 5), and I know people were worried and I know I never really said why/what happened and well … I’m going to try to explain. There is a TL;DR at the very bottom if you don’t want to read through it all. 

→I’ve had some email issues. If you have sent me an email about anything and not received a reply, please respond to this email and tell Kelly what you need.  

→ Here’s why OTM10 took so long, and why OTM11 will likely take quite a while, too.  —-> —-> Many, many, many reasons. There are soooOOOoooOOoooo maaannnnnnyyyyyy reasons. If I wrote them all out, this email would be 44 pages long and include footnotes. So let’s just stick to the major reasons. 

Major Reason #1:: It’s hard to be an indie author. It’s hard to be the boss. It’s hard to be the one calling all the shots. I’m still working on that shit and it takes a lot of time. The more popular an indie author gets the less time they get to spend on writing. The deeper into a series an indie author gets, the more time writing takes. … I’m sure you can see my issue here. I’m trying to get this part straight. 

Reason #2:: The amount of INFORMATION my mind generates is astronomical. You guys see an 80,000 word novel, but it probably took me 500,000 words of typed or longhand notes to myself to get there, and that is for each book. My side stories have side stories. My tangents have tangents. My plot holes have plot holes.  …. and because of this I YOU-KNOW-WHAT’ED MYSELF IN THE YOU-KNOW-WHAT by making OTM so …. complex and and by fluffing up so many heroes … and, well, so, here we are. I’ve known since OTM6 that I was going to have to stop pushing forward with new stories and take some time to organize all the story-lines I have created. I never dreamed it would take so long. Unfortunately, it’s not even finished. I spent most of the time between the publication of OTM9 and OTM10 just figuring out WHAT needed to be done (I needed to learn to interpret my own symbolism) and HOW to do it  (magic). Then I did the bare minimum of it so that I could write OTM10 without making any continuity mistakes, but the bare minimum will not carry me through for one more book. 

Reason #3::  The books are more complicated now. There’s more going on. More of what is coming now rests on what came before, instead of being shit that I can just pull out of thin air like I did in OTM 1, 2, 3, and 4. If I don’t have the foretrails and the backtrails of each character SPOT ON at all times now, the remaining stories will not be satisfying to you, the readers, and that’s really the ONLY reason to do this. Sure, feeding my family is cool. Sure, I like to sleep in a comfy bed. But good stories are how I do that, ergo and forsooth, the stories must be good, which takes more time now…

— So that’s really what I’m dealing with behind the scenes as it relates to work. Of course I also have a personal life and of course I live in a really really really crazy world… I know you guys get where I am coming from. 

Moving on … 

→What in the heck is up with Switch of Fate 5?!

Brace yourself, this is sad and disappointing news to fans of the story and I will say up front that I am very very sorry. <3  I don’t know how to say this any way but flat out. Switch of Fate is over as a series 🙁 🙁 Grace and I are very sorry. 🙁 

Switch of Fate 5 is written but not edited. It’s sitting waiting for me to decide if I’m going to either release it for free on bookfunnel in an unedited state or if I’m going to fully edit it and release it on amazon for $0.99 and in KU, for a few weeks to months, then take the whole series down for good. 

No matter what happens, there will be a Q&A with Grace and myself done in Dew Crew (the lisa ladew spoiler group on facebook) to answer reader questions about the series and the planned ending. This will be available after the fact – I’ll write something up and put it somewhere that readers can find it. 

So WHY is SOF5 done but not released? That has to do with the pandemic. Grace and I had thought we were going to be able to release in December, but she was forced to move at short notice, so it was pushed back to January, but then the fucking pandemic just blew everyone’s lives out of the water. So she was never able to finish editing it, and after a couple more months, we finally had to accept that it’s just not going to happen. Grace will most likely write more in the future, but it won’t be soon  and it might be under a different pen name. When she is able to start again, she probably will head over to dark romance or to women’s psychological fiction. 

So WHY is the series over so many books early? I feel like I need a sign to hold up that says “This falls under the umbrella of ‘Lisa made a mess and now she has to clean it up’.” Grace and I weren’t prepared to do what we tried to do with Switch of Fate. When we started we didn’t know … … we didn’t know much of anything that was important in a project like this. This interruption in Grace’s life spotlighted that for us and we took the way out that spares her and I the most heartache. Grace and I are both life-long readers. We know how much this kind of thing sucks. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry 🙁 <3 ugh. The series will be coming down off of Amazon, we don’t know when yet, not for a while yet, and the audio books will stay up till 2025 due to contracts. I do not believe the series coming down off of Amazon will take the books off of your devices if you bought them. 

So, as for WHEN you will be seeing SOF5 either unedited and free or edited and on Amazon? … Well … … I learned a few years ago that me and release dates don’t get along. I also learned not to promise anything that I don’t know if I can deliver it or not. So all I can say is I’m really sorry and I don’t know. 

→Here’s what’s coming next::

I’m trying to get to a place where I can work on OTM11. It’s Canyon’s book if I haven’t yet said that. He’s a mystery to me … although I do have a few ideas that have been holding for a long time. I do know he has a pretty big SECRET and that will most likely be his title:: Shifter’s Secret. … and well … what else can I tell you? We’ve met his mate already, they’ve got themselves quite a little secret established that’s really going to mess with some wolfy heads. lol. …. Rogue and Reed might fight  … Mrs. White will put up or shut up. Timber will be a royal pain in the ass. Rowan may learn just how much of a wolf Trent really is. I have lots planned … I just have to get to it 🙂 🙂 

→On another note …. Many of you have been asking me for Phoenix’s book of the Rosesson Brothers series. Um…where’s my sign? This one says “Lisa is a complete and utter mess from top to bottom, side to side, front to back, north to south, and east to west.” It’s long, I know. —-  So … again …  I’m SORRY. I would like to publish Phoenix’s book. I really would. I’m trying. Who knows what 2021 will bring? 6 Lisa books and a fucking end to this pandemic would be nice. Who’s with me?

→– Me personally —-  I’m healthy. My family is healthy. We are still in self-isolation for the most part, and we don’t plan on changing that for a while. 

→Thank you for the reviews. Can I just say that the OTM10 reviews I’ve read so far have made me cry in a good way more than once. You guys get me :). 

→Here’s the TL;DR I promised. Lisa’s a mess, but that’s nothing new, sorry if you’re just discovering it. Switch of Fate is over as a series 🙁 🙁 Switch of Fate 5 will be released but we’re not sure when/how. OTM11 is in the works but will be a while. BAM. Stay healthy, dammit. 

p.s. if you reply to this email, you will get Kelly. She answers emails for me and passes on well-wishes to me, but sends all complaints to Rogue lol. I’m kidding – don’t sent complaints hoping to get Rogue, I’ll never get otm11 written. 🙂

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💕 Reading order for One True Mate Series:

Before I first discovered there was such a thing as Paranormal Romance, I wrote Romantic Suspense. The reading order, if you want to follow some semblance of the writing order, would be like so.

  1. Edge of the Heat 1-7
  2. Unauthorized Series
  3. Rosesson Brothers first book bundle – Knox, Book 2 Talon, Book 3 Bronx, Book 4 Daxton – not complete, missing Phoenix’s book.
  4. Edge of the Heat 8

FAQ – Also titled … What’s Missing?

💕 What happened to the Hide Me Series? If it’s gone, it means I decided to pull it off of sale. That series, while probably secretly cathartic for me in some way, was also violent. I’m having a hard time looking back on it from who I am now, and being ok with putting that out in the world… so it’s on my list to pull it. I may try to take out what bothers me the most about it, and re-release. It would not be a huge project. Only a … large project lol.

💕 What happened with Kindle Worlds? Amazon shut the program down. I don’t want to talk about it lol. I hope you will visit/support the authors who wrote in my launch, they are: Savan Robbins, Georgette St. Clair, Jules Tyler, Moxie North, P Jameson, JK Harper, Eliza Gayle, Kate Rudolph, Olivia Arran, and Julia Mills.

💕 What is the deal with Charlene’s Soldier? Ah. Sigh. That was Lisa trying to figure out just what in the hell she was doing. I do love that story, but it’s only half of a story and the other half of it was in Eve Carter’s Kindle World and Eve and I haven’t quite gotten together yet to release rights back to me so I can re-publish. It’s on the list. I think it will be done someday.

💕 Where is Phoenix’s book? (Rosesson Brothers). Don’t fret, don’t worry, I’m so sorry it’s not published. It … it’s on the list, and the list got out of control. I’m working on it. My eyes were bigger than my stomach. My writer brain wanted to do more than was humanly possible at any one time, and it caught up with me.

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I was born in 1972 in Chicago, and moved all over Illinois during my early years. We won’t speak of my childhood lol. It was a little bumpy. I joined the army when I was 19, enlisted as a combat medic and served almost 8 years. I’ve been to college twice, once for liberal arts and once for computer science. I didn’t finish either time and I’m not sorry. I’m married, and have been forever. 22 years as of 2018, that’s forever, right? 💕 I have two boys. I birthed the first when I was 30 and I birthed the second when I was 40 … that was fun. Age 40 is when I started writing, too.

I was a voracious reader most of my life, but not romance, more horror and fantasy. When I had my first child, I couldn’t read horror anymore, and so I eventually ended up with romance and … here we are :). I have no formal writing training, I’m sure most who have read my early books can attest to that lol 🙂 but I’m certain that what I lack in knowledge I make up for in enthusiasm and sheer convolutions. 💝 

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest and hopefully always will. Rowr.

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